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著名外企open question总结

This section of the form has been designed to help us evaluate skills that wehave previously identified as being important indicators of success in our firm. Please complete it as fully as possible, as this information will be used in our screening process. Situations described will be further explored during the interview.

Describe a recent project you have worked on which demonstrates your determination to complete challenging tasks and your ability to work with others.

Why have you applied for this position?

Why do you think you are suitable for this position, and what differentiates you from other candidates?

Please give details of any previous work experience detailing the relevant dates (temporary or permanent employment or previous internship).

If you have completed a work term in a co-op, summer or intern program, please tell us about your experience and how you benefited from it. (Your answer is limited to 1,000 characters.)

If you have been involved in any society, please tell us your role and achievement respectively. (Your answer is limited to 1,000 characters.)
Please let us know your academic and personal accomplishment(s). (Your answeris limited to 1,000 characters.)
Please copy and paste the text from your cover letter here. After pasting your cover letter, please ensure the text is readable.

Please copy and paste the text from your CV/resume here. After pasting your CV/resume, please ensure the text is readable.

Additional Information
Career Objectives


What are the four key elements that "THE RIGHT PEOPLE" possess to meet  Nestle’s requirements?

What are your key criteria in selecting a job? Are you interested in other industries?

Ask most older people to identify the key to success, and they are likely to reply " hard work". What are your comments? What do you think are the essential "qualities" that the young job seeker lacks in being successful in his/her career development?

1. Would you please describe yourself in 3-4 lines?(limited in 500 words)
2. Could you tell us why we should choose you as a Loreal Person, and what makes you unique?(limited in 500 words)
3. What is your short-term and long-term career plan?(limited in 500 words)
4. What kind of group activities are you interested in and what type of role do you often play?(limited in 500 words)
5. Please use one sentence to give a definition of ’Beauty’, and describe the most beautiful thing in your life.(limited in 500 words)
1.Please describe yourself about your characters, hobbies, etc.(limited in 500 words)
2. Please give an example of how you deal with a difficult situation.(limited in 500 words)
3. Please tell us your understanding of Loreal’s image now, and how will you contribute to Loreal’s image if you are part of Loreal?(limited in 500 words)
4. Please design a slogan for hair coloration product in China and describe your idea in details.(limited in 500 words)
5. Please use one sentence to give a definition of ’Beauty’, and describe the most beautiful thing in your life.(limited in 500 words)

Please describe an event or experience which was both important and challenging for you, and which occurred during any time between the last two or three years. Please limit your answers to 200 words.

What are your main activities and interests? What do you contribute and what do you gain from them?
Please limit your answers to 150 words. 

Describe a major piece of work undertaken during your course.Please limit your answer to 150 words.

Global Market

英文短文(300-400 字):
短文内容:Influencing others to take action or make decisions is fundamental to our ability to make a difference within a client organization. Please describe a situation in which you influenced another person, your approach, the rason you chose this approach and the final result.

Please state why you chose to follow these activities and how they have contributed to your personal development. You may wish to give details of your rol
e, whether anyone else was involved and any difficulties you encountered.

Please state how you have benefited from your work experience.

Other than academic success, what has been your greatest achievement to date?
What do you see as your personal strength, and why?

why the position you have applied for is appropriate for you; why you have se
lected HSBC; and what your career objectives are.

Please give reasons for your preference.

In Shell we often work in challenging environments and have to strive to achieve our objectives. Please describe your most outstanding non-academic achievement highlighting your approach to any significant difficulties faced in meeting your objective(s).

Shell contains a diverse mix of talented individuals who sometimes have different ideas on how to proceed. The ability to draw on these differences, influence others and then move forward with a common purpose is critical. Please describe a challenging occasion, which required your persuasive skills and your ability to organize other people in order to reach a successful resolution.

The energy business provides a dynamic working environment and our ability to initiate change is key to ensuring that we retain our competitive edge. Please describe the most innovative change that you have initiated and what you did to implement this change.

Due to the complexity of the business we pursue around the world, critical thinking and analytical skills are essential. To help us evaluate these skills, please analyze fully the main challenges associated with environment protection and its future trends. (Please use your own analysis. We do not expect you to research this area.)

In this case, you are assuming the role of Business Development Manager of Shell Retail business. As part of its Retail business strategy, the company plans to lease a location to open a convenience retailing store. There are two landlords (A&B) each of which offers a different location for your selection. Location A has higher number of passer-bys but costs more to lease, and Location B is situated in a place with lower number of passer-bys but costs less to lease as compared with Location A.

You are invited to present your analysis of the followings:? What kind of additional information/data do you need to collect/get in orde
r to make the decision? 
What are your selection criteria?
 How would you make your final decision in steps?